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What Are You Wearing?

Hey Queen 👑! Have you ever been asked the question…

“What are you wearing?”, because someone admired your outfit and just had to have it!

Or “What are you wearing?”, as in WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Did you dress in the dark or do you have no sense of style?

Because of the expressive nature of fashion, what we wear is often a reflection of who we are. Our sense of style reflects our culture, where we come from, and what our values are. Lets face it, our closets are definitely affected by what's in our wallets. Whether we're bagging those designer labels or shopping off the retail clearance rack, what we wear (good or bad) makes a statement!

Unfortunately ladies there are some things in this world we will forever be judged on, and what we wear is one of them. A horrible outfit is hard to live down and will FOREVER be etched in the minds of those that witnessed it.

I know this is a broad subject and will take forever to cover in one post. This is an ongoing conversation and we will continue to discuss it.

Not only do we wear physical clothing we wear spiritual clothing.

Proverbs 31:25 - Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.

The Proverbs woman is clothed with her reverence for God. She is compassionate, respectful, she can be trusted, and admired. This woman knows who she is in God, and understands her role as a wife, mother, an employer, etc…..

It’s not about what she wears on the outside but it’s the matters of her heart.

What’s on the inside of you will reflect on the outside.

What are you wearing?

Until next time....Be blessed!


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